Chapter 7

Oh my GOSH! Finally! Chapter 7 is in! It's kind of short though, so I just posted all at once... anyways, it's kind of juicy. Hope you enjoy!!!


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Monday, October 13, 2008

Secrets and Suckiness

I was running through the hot flameyards dodging the piles of flames around me. I seemed to be running a lot recently. My mind was far ahead of me though. Justin? My father? That couldn’t be, it shouldn’t be. I stumbled on a burning tree trunk, falling painfully on top of it and engulfing my leg in flames. Quickly, I scooted away from the fire and put out the flames licking at my pants leg with dirt. I stood up and forced the distracting thoughts to the back of my mind, and I made myself keep driving on, even when my legs started to burn, not from the fire, but from running so much. I turned around after what seemed like forever to see if the man was following me. The ruined city had disappeared and the only thing that I could see besides the ever-burning landscape was…nothing.
I collapsed onto the ground and took a good look around myself. Patches of slowly moving fire lay scattered around me. The fires around me seemed magical, almost mythical, like hells fire. They were eating away at the already burnt debris around me. It seemed that even the flames themselves were on fire, and the fires would never be satisfied with what it was given. Even the ashes were on fire, the only explanation that I could come up with was that there must have been some ever-lasting chemical in the fire that kept it burning forever.

I wondered how far the flameyards went on and how long I would have to deal with this insufferable heat. The fire heated up the air around me, making it hard to breathe. At least it would all be worth it when I got to Raski. The clear, blue, skies, and the green grass. I wondered what it must feel like to lay there on the grass, and watch the abnormally white rain pillows above me. Suddenly, I felt my stomach drop like I had swallowed a stone the size of my fist. Justin. He had called me daughter. Why would he call me that? I couldn’t be his daughter. There could be no way. Besides, what did it matter if he was or not? Men didn’t care about their children, they did not even care enough to see them once in their lifetimes. I hadn’t even thought of who my father was or if I even had one for that matter. I could be anybody’s daughter. I had 22 siblings. Even if he did lay momma down in bed, what could be the chance that I was one that he made? Very slim. I shook the confusing thoughts out of my head and looked around. The flames had moved closer to me and were starting to lick at my skin. I needed to keep going, else I would die out here.

I moved once again to a spot where the flames seemed spaced apart, and took out the map Justin had given me. Once again, forcing distracting thoughts to the back of my mind. The map was old, yellowed, and a rather large, piece of paper. Paper was very valuable in the city. If you had some paper, you had a fortune. The practice of making it was lost long ago, so why would he give me the most valuable thing that he would have sitting in his slum? I unrolled it slowly. It was hard to make out, but it seemed like the flameyards did go on forever. It was the biggest thing on the map. I could only guess what everything else on there was. Whoever had drawn this, was a very bad artist, and some of these things I didn’t seem to understand what they were. I could only hope that I was almost done with this place and nothing was as bad as this.

* * *

I thought had I recognized that girl when she walked into my slum. After she told me her mother was my Talenta, I knew I had to help her get out of here in anyway that I could. She had her mother’s bone structure, and my eyes. No one had eyes like mine. Nobody had eyes that changed colors on their moods. When she had gotten angry at me, her eyes turned the color of a crows feather. I knew in that instant that she was mine as well as her mothers, and that only made me want to help her more. A defensive side of me I never knew existed kicked in and I decided that I would not have my daughter end up like all of the other women out here. I had felt my heart soften in a way that I never knew could happen, and I knew in the deepest part of my heart that I would protect her from anything and everything that I could, even if that meant putting my life on the line. Even if that meant killing my own brother to allow her to live.

I dropped Latimer’s body into the shallow grave I dug for him. “I am so sorry brother, forgive me, but she is my daughter. She will not live in this world of pain.” I whispered to his lifeless body. I closed his eyes and whispered a prayer to the Lord to forgive me, take care of Latimer, and let Luna survive her journey to Paradise.

* * *

After awhile, I was blackened by soot. The charred remains of the once alive green beings were smothered all over my face. I would definitely need a bath soon, but was not sure of how close another clean water source would be. Thinking of water, I realized that I was parched and pulled out my canteen. I took a big gulp from it, enjoying the way the cool water dehydrated my dry throat.

I looked around and saw that the sun was starting to disappear behind the edge of the earth. I figured this was a good enough time to sleep as any other. I had to keep my energy up for the journey ahead of me.

After awhile it got as dark as it would ever be around here. I had laid down in a spot where flames did not touch anything for at least 50 feet. I had taken my pallet and wrapped it around all of the hard things inside of my knotsack and used it as a pillow. At first, I was a little wary to go to sleep because of the moving flames, but the second that I closed my eyes, I was out.


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