Chapter 7

Oh my GOSH! Finally! Chapter 7 is in! It's kind of short though, so I just posted all at once... anyways, it's kind of juicy. Hope you enjoy!!!


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Friday, August 15, 2008

Benedict Arnold : Part One

Ah, the flameyards. They were once called forests, and had many beings in it. The beings were born in the ground, and stayed there for all of their lives. They grew up towards the sky, and were a bright green color. Brighter than any green eye that you will ever see. There were other things too. Little monsters that roamed around in the forests, and ate each other. I was told that the flameyards were once alive with these things, instead of alive with flames.


An offing-order was sent out about Katlyn. They said that anyone who sighted her should kill her on sight. No one thought that she had left the town. No one had thought that she had left me here to defend for myself, with my only help coming from an unsupportive, insensitive, slummate who didn’t get me at all. No one ever left the town, ever. It was too dangerous, you could die, you would die. The council had drilled it into our minds since birth. If you left, you would perish, and there was no doubt about it. This was all of it, we are all that’s left, and I have believed it all of my years.

A couple of weeks went by and two women were killed because the killers thought there were “sightings” of Katlyn. The council didn’t do anything to the two killers, just let them go. Just a woman, they thought we have more. I’ve never gotten the council’s way of thinking. They made us have a child at young ages when our body wouldn’t be able to sustain that kind of strain, possibly making us die in the process, and they said that women were the future for all of the world, and when two die innocently, they just don’t care. Shouldn’t we be treated like Gob’s then? If we are the future and we keep the human population going, shouldn’t we be more important than men? They don’t have to carry the baby, we have to. All they do is squirt juice out and they’re done, they have the easy part. Then, we have to take care of the babies we make by ourselves because the men just run off afterwards. This isn’t fair, we should be a highly valued part of society, but no. Here we are scraping by raising their kids.

Katlyn was right, this place sucks dorbs, but it’s all that’s left right? So I have no choice but to live like this for the rest of my life.

After awhile, the council found out who Katlyn lived with. They sent a man to my slum while Leo was working on a building. The man knocked on the door, and I let him in because you have to let a man in your home if he wants in, it’s a rule. He was tall, tan, and had muscles on his muscles. His eyes were silver and he had a stony glare. The first thing the man did was search all of the rooms in the slum. Then, he came back and put a snapmetal against the side of my head. “Where is she?” he said in a low voice.

“I don’t know where she is.” my voice was shaky. The snapmetal was making me nervous, he could blow me to smices at any moment.

He pushed the cool metal against my face and said, “I know you lied to us when she ran away the first time, and you won’t lie to us the second time. Don’t make it worse for yourself.”

“How…how did you know?” I stuttered.

He smiled at me, “I have my resources.” He said close to my face. His teeth were rotting away in his mouth and his breath smelled like the carcass of a rat. I tried to think. Who could told him? He carried on “I know she was here, at your ‘home’, now tell me where she is.” he yelled the last word at me, spraying spittle onto my face.

My eyes widened. No one knew what a house was but Leo, Momma, Katlyn, and I. Katlyn was gone, and momma didn’t even know that Katlyn was here, so that left only one choice. “Leo.” I whispered.


Kestrel said...

I think your writing is improving with every post, and I am loving this story. I know who your tattle tale is, hehe... The title of the chapter is great!

UnendingPain said...

I just finished reading what you have so far, and I think the chapters aren't actually that long. (You should see the chapters I have for Seven. XD Very long. Probably as long as everything up to this chapter's part one. XD)
This is really good so far, and I hope to read more soon. (I'm also reading some of your other stories. Valdor is good so far, although I am hoping for some female character to show up.)

brainsnorts said...

she's right. you can easily combine the two parts into one. not a problem, and it'll be easier to read because of the upside-down scroll concept. there should be a way to reverse the order. i started reading the last part first by mistake.