Chapter 7

Oh my GOSH! Finally! Chapter 7 is in! It's kind of short though, so I just posted all at once... anyways, it's kind of juicy. Hope you enjoy!!!


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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Why Can't We Just Learn To Give Up?: Part Two

He looked at me curiously as if asking “What in the world are you talking about?” but before he could say a word, the doors opened to the meet place and a young man walked out toward us. “The sentence has now been decided. She will have to carry out losing her virginity, or be offed.” he said.

I looked at him astounded. “Is the sentence being carried out right now?” Leo asked the man.

“Yes, her sentence is being carried out right no-” Before he could get the last word out, a man’s scream came from inside the building. The man in front of us turned around and ran into the building. Leo and I looked at each other, wondering what was happening. We started to go inside the building as well, but Katlyn beat us to it.

She ran outside the meeting hall going faster than I had ever seen her run before. I instantly turned around and ran towards her, trying to catch up. “Katlyn!” I managed to say. She turned around and looked at me, then she slowed down. “Meet me at the house so we can talk.” She nodded her head, understanding what I meant. Her, Leo, and I were the only ones who knew what a house was, it was a way for me to be sure that no one knew what I meant but them.

I slowed down and let her get away. She turned down a small street and disappeared into the shadows. A second later some younger council members ran out of the meeting hall and asked Leo which way she went. “Down Elm Street.” I yelled at the men down the street. “I tried to catch her and see what had happened, but she was too fast.” They nodded at Leo and I and then took off down Elm Street, even though she had gone down 51st Street.

I wondered what would happen to me in the future as we walked to our slum. I had lied to some council members, and to their faces to make things worse. I was going to have to go through a trial when I turned eighteen as well if I didn't find a sutiable mate, and soon.